Hello and welcome to my blog!


„Travel is the only thing you can buy, that makes you richer.“

I am Mira, 20 years old and from Germany. I have two younger brothers and I love my family! It is always so much fun to spend time with them. I am a creative person and love reading, writing, drawing and painting and doing any kind of crafts and projects. I also enjoy cooking and baking a lot.

In the past summers, I always spend two or maybe even three weeks as a camp counselor in a circus camp for kids. We had so much fun and i truly miss these times! The kids learned the basics of circus, but also had normal camp life; bonfire, games, night hike…

I graduated from High School in the Summer of 2015 and in October ´15 I started the biggest Adventure of my life – my AuPair year!

After 3 days of Traingsschool in New York, I moved to my hostfamily who lived in Birmingham, Alabama. They had 5 kids between the ages 15 and 1, that I took care of. You can learn more about the Family in the Post Meet my Alabama Family.
I had a great time, got to see great Places and meet amazing People!
You can read about all that in the past Blog posts!

In September 16 I moved to Minnesota to a new Host family! Here I take care of 4 adorable Kids between 3 and 7. You can learn more about them in the Post Meet my Minnesota Family.
I am currently exploring the area and meeting new people, so read all about that in my new Blog post in the AuPair Blog.

In my Travel diary I write about all my travels and try to give you a good impression of all the places I get to see. Also, check out My bucket list to get an idea of all the things I want to do!

And keep reading… There is a lot more to come! ❤️

Thanks for stopping by!

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